Tied up in chains of fear and despair
With monsters I’ve never imagined to be real
Stuck in wrong situations, without any escape
Running in circles, screaming for help…

Living in a soul whose light has been shut
Surrounded by terrors of evil and death
Filled with the unbearable nothingness
Of a wasted life, a life lived in vain…

Who is to blame, who did you this?
Was someone else, was you or fate?
Or maybe God threw you away
Forgetting you in the depths of hell…

How can I become a prophet for love?
When all I can feel are deserted and dead hopes…
How can I preach for a life lived in peace?
When my feelings and thoughts are dominated by war?

Where is the light, how can I reach it?
How can I climb and unchain me from dread?
Breeding the virtue to face it all…
Leaving behind weakness and look ahead?

How can I save me from darkness and hell?
Who is to drag me out and show me again?
That life is worth it and there is a way…
A way to be followed, leading to yourself…

A way on which path you gather the strength,
The power and wisdom to grow bigger than them
To find the love and the home you have dreamt
To live at peace and with no regrets or remorse…


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